The Court of Justice of the EU considers that there are no reasons to deny the collective the right to unemployment

New setback to the labor regime of domestic workers. The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has concluded that the Spanish system is discriminatory for not recognizing the right to unemployment for this group, made up almost exclusively of women. At the end of September, the EU’s attorney general had already ruled in the same direction: he considered that the labor regime for domestic workers is contrary to community law, as it involves indirect discrimination based on sex.

After the pronouncement of the attorney general now comes the judgment of the CJEU. Community judges consider that the Spanish legislation, which denies unemployment to domestic workers, opposes the directive on equality in social security matters, since it places the group at a “particular disadvantage” with respect to workers, without the provision is “justified by objective factors and unrelated to any discrimination based on sex”.